Web GIS Applications

imagen temporal de mapaSince 1999, enbolivia.com SRL has been developing web applications for the public and private sector in Bolivia, as well as for organizations is many other parts of the world. Some years ago we started to implement complex web-based GIS applications, that we can offer to our clients for low prices due to our country's low costs.

Through our broad experience in the outsourcing industry, we are able to provide you with extremely competitive rates without compromising on quality.  

We design, develop, and implement secure web-based GIS applications that allow users to easily view and query multiple map layers of GIS information from any location with web access. All information is accessed throughintuitive web applications using a standard web browser. Authorized users can have edit capabilities in the map layers, in this way polygons and points can be drawn on top of the map where necessary, creating very versatile Web GIS Applications.

Web Mapping

imagen temporal de mapaWeb-Gis Apps also known as Web-Mapping applications enable users to search databases using many different criteria, for example: name, address, parcel number, area type, etc. Different layers can be turned on and off using radio buttons. Users can upload their own layers or background (sattelite) photographs. Different background layers can be utilized, like Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc.


For the development of this application the following technologies were used:

  • LAMP Platform
  • XHTML, CSS, Prototype, Jquery, JSON, Ajax – Frontend
  • Framework Symfony or WebSite Publisher (PHP) – Backend
  • PostgreSQL (PostGIS) – Database
  • OpenGEO Suite (PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, OpenLayers, GeoExt)

Systems Integration

Instead of replacing existing IT systems, we can design and implement your applications to integrate with your other busines and database systems – leveraging your investment and enhancing the value of those systems.

Database Design

We design database driven applications so that customers do not have to change their existing database models (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgress, Microsoft Access, etc.).


To use your Web-Mapping Application online, specific GIS-hosting, that includes an installed GeoServer, can be provided.